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Major Clean Home Bundle

Our Major Clean Home Bundle is something you may just be missing. If you're a home owner selling the property, or even a landlord in between tenants.  We have the deal for you!

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet and upholstery cleaning that is affordable for all. We offer private and commercial carpet, upholstery cleaning for local homes and large scale businesses. Improving indoor quality of life, Kills allergens and bacteria.

Private & Commercial Window Cleaning

Local and commercial window cleaning at competitive prices. We pride our self's on customer satisfaction and work to high quality standards. While maintaining a safe work environment for our staff and local businesses.   

Garden & Grounds Maintenance

We offer garden and grounds maintenance for the local and surrounding areas weather its overgrown or just needs regular maintenance on a continued basis, We also offer commercial site maintenance helping local businesses keep up appearances.  

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Driveway & Paving Pressure Cleaning

Driveway & Paving Pressure Cleaning can transform your home weather it's just a few years grime or slippy moss growing between the gaps. A simple high pressured clean could spruce things up ready for a property viewing.

Conservatory Cleaning

Conservatory Cleaning is something some of us put off as long as we can, But here at Major Clean Property Maintenance Specialist we don't mind making your life easier. We will clean all surrounding glass and all areas of PVC removing all the grime and discoloration. 

Vehicle & Fleet Valeting

Personal car and commercial fleet valeting could help maintain, the value and overall look of your vehicles. Also a full interior clean can help remove unwanted marks and stains bringing that new vehicle feeling back. For commercial vehicles we know looking your best for clients and marketing purposes, Is one of your priorities and we have just the solution for you.

Cleaning Service

A regular cleaning service for people with a busy  life, Or people  unable to maintain a household for various reasons. We offer our services for private to commercial customers, For the one off thorough blitz clean to the regular day to day clean at affordable prices.

Bin Cleaning

Major Clean offers a low cost solution for those nasty smelling home waste bins.  We can arrange a once fortnightly clean or even a once monthly clean

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