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Terms & Conditions

Customer Liability

  • 1. Customer Liability

  • 1.1 The customer agrees to provide access to his/her property on the day of the service. In case of key collection the customer will be charged additional £10 for that service.

  • 1.2 The customer agrees to provide access to water and electricity in the property if required. If he is unable to do so The Major Clean Property Maintenance Specialist preserves its right to cancel the appointment.

  • 1.3 The customer has to be at his/her presence at the completion of the job to examine the results to make sure satisfaction is achieved on the day of the service.

  • 1.4 The customer has to remove any chemicals or waste of any origin which could endanger the representative’s health and are not kept safely.

  • 1.5 The customer understands that if there is faulty electricity system in the property which could endanger the representative’s well being the company preserves its right to cancel the appointment or reschedule it once the problem has been resolved.

  • 1.6 The customer agrees to place safely any items of sentimental or great monetary value to avoid any possible accidents.

  • 1.7 The customer understands that any parking charges are not included in the price and the representative of the company has to be reimbursed for them

  • 1.8 Any additional work will be charged according to the prices listed on the official The Major Clean Property Maintenance Specialist Company website.

Company Liability

  • ​​2. Major Clean Property Maintenance Specialist​ company liability

  • 2.1 Major Clean Property Maintenance Specialist agrees to carry out the job in a professional and safe manner.

  • 2.2 Major Clean Property Maintenance Specialist will not be held liable if satisfaction is not achieved due to severely damaged or not appropriately maintained carpets/upholstery or curtains by the customer including old stains which could not be cleaned.

  • 2.3 Major Clean Property Maintenance Specialist will aim to complete customer satisfaction responding to the condition of the property.

  • 2.4 Major Clean Property Maintenance Specialist and its representatives have Public Liability Insurance which extends to damages/breakages caused by the representative at the time of the service.

  • 2.5 Major Clean Property Maintenance Specialist agrees to advise the customer in the beginning of the service if any part of the job could not be fulfilled with the expected result

  • 2.6 Excluding from liability is shrinkage of carpets due to a poor fitting.

  • 2.7 Major Clean Property Maintenance Company’s representative will move furniture is needed in a reasonable manner, excluding heavy and big items such as wardrobes. Cabinets must have their drawers emptied and any fragile items around or on top of their surface removed.


  • 3 claims

  • 3.1 The Customer agrees to address any complaints regarding the service within 24 hours after the service took place. The complaint should be made in written form through the Major Clean Property Maintenance Specialist company website or to the official email address: Any complaints sent after this period will not be considered liability of the Major Clean Property Maintenance Specialist Company.

  • 3.2 The Company will respond to any complaints/claims within 48 hours after submission.

  • 3.2 If the customer may not be present at the moment of completion of the cleaning job he/she may ask a third party to take his/her place to inspect the results. If the third party does not point any issues later complaints from the customer will not be accepted.

  • 3.3 Compensation of any kind will be offered to the customer only in cases when the representative failed to complete the job up to customer’s satisfaction, excluding cases in which the job included cleaning of: severely damaged carpets, upholstery or mattresses, meaning cigarette burns, inappropriate maintaining, old stains which could not be removed, poor fitting of the carpets on their initial installation.

  • 3.4 All valuable/fragile or items with sentimental value should be removed and places safely to avoid any possible accidents. In case this has been done but damage has been caused the customer should contact the company immediately in order for the item to be replaced.

  • 3.5  Major Clean Property Maintenance Specialist will not be liable for any damage caused due to not appropriate installation or a fault because of the owner’s bad maintaining. Example: If a wooden cabinet has one of its feet swinging and the customer asks the representative to move it to clean the carpet underneath, nor the representative nor the company will take any liability in case the foot of the cabinet detaches due to its current condition.

  • 3.6 In case the customer fails to comply with the representative’s instructions after completion of the job to preserve the carpet clean and places carelessly items which could colour the carpet (example: wooden furniture) and this leads to actual stain the company will accept liability for the customer’s actions and re-clean on company’s cost will not take place.


  • 4. ​Insurance

  • 4.1 Major Clean Property Maintenance Specialist is fully insured against damage or breakage of items by Public Liability Insurance.

  • 4.2 Excluding from insurance and liability are any jewellery, cash or items

  • 4.3 Any attempts of insurance frauds against the company will be treated with respect to the law and legal actions will be taken.


  • 5. Payments 

  • 5.1 Unless other agreed the customer should pay by Cash or Cheque to the cleaner on the day of the service after the job has been carried out.

  • 5.2 If a bank transfer is requested payment should be received by the company the day before the service.

  • 5.3 Invoice will be given on the day of the service unless a bank transfer has been made in which case invoices will be sent at the end of the week.

  • 5.4 Payment by credit or Debit card are to be made upon work completion. 

  • Credit & Debit card refunds once issued are subject  banking transaction times scale of 7 business days to be returned.


  • 6. Cancellations

  • Any cancellations should be made within 24 hours before the service during the office working hours of the company Monday to Friday from 8:30 till 19:00, Saturday from 10:00 till 15:00.

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